The Knives that Andreas sent me are so amazing. So beautiful I can’t believe how well they turned out. They even better in person. They blew my expectations out of the atmosphere. The contrast of the colors and grains of the wood truly works of art. You have out done yourself. The EDC sport are my favorite the best knives I have ever owned. Thank you so much. I could not be happier with my purchase. You are truly a master of your craft. I am so glad I found you on kickstarter. I look forward to being a lifetime satisfied customer and can’t wait to see the mas.

Jack L

 “Knowing my love for cooking, Andreas Kalani presented me with one of his custom knives as a special gift. At first glance, I was taken by its appearance. Hand-crafted in my favorite colors and materials, this knife was truly a beautiful custom work of art, and I was honored to receive such a personal present. But that was just the beginning! Upon actually using this knife, it not only had seamless design qualities, but I found it to be light-weight yet very solid, with a well-balanced and comfortable grip. The outstanding blade quality allows me to cut and chop just like the pros! Needless to say, this hardworking tool is now my go-to kitchen favorite.”

Mari D.

 These knifes are handcrafted and made form complete scratch. They have field dressed and skinned 7 white tail, 5 pigs and 1 mule deer. I couldn’t be happier with with these blades the AK Custom Knives made. I would highly recommend these knifes to anyone that does any hunting or outdoor adventures.
These knives are legit. Get the job done quick and hold a sharp edge like hell. Totally did the trick down in Texas. Glad we got to try these blades out!

SSgt Bryan M., Retired USMC (President Wishes For Warriors, Corp.)


Being a butcher of twelve years, I thought it appropriate that on my wedding day it would be great idea to cut the cake with a meat cleaver but one of good enough quality to use for work as well. After doing some research I found Andreas on the Internet and approached him with my idea and he was more than happy to help.

Via email we had good discussions of what style of cleaver I wanted, giving suggestions on the style of blade and the different types of wood that would accomplish the finish I would like for the handle. As for the dyeing of the wood Andreas was more than accommodating, I told him what I was aiming for and if I didn’t like a colour combination he went back and organised another wood colouring until I was happy.

When I received the the cleaver the end product better than I could of imagined, the handle was comfortable to grip and the balance of the cleaver was perfect. The sharpness of it was exactly right for a cleaver, which for me was a true sign of craftsmanship knowledge, because if a cleaver is too sharp the edge is to brittle and is prone to chipping when used.

I cannot recommend AK custom Knives enough to anyone who is looking for a knife that will surely be the pride and centre piece of any professionals collection, I will most certainly be using Andreas’s services again.


Jordan L. (Butcher of Flat Iron Restaurant London.)

 The knife that Andreas made for me is by far my favorite knife. The ergonomically designed handle fits comfortably in my hand and has a very sleek design to it. The colors of the handle are inspired by the colors of the Philadelphia Eagles’ uniform, pretty much a perfect match. As a pastry chef, the majority of my knife work is dedicated to delicate  applications such as slicing fruit or cutting through cakes and pastries. The knife’s razor sharp blade is perfect for these applications. I’m looking forward to adding more AK knives to my collection. 

Chef Peter S.

Every time I use my RANIA, I can feel the spirit that lives in the blade. Truly a work of art – the most balanced, and no doubt the sharpest knife in my kitchen.

Scott L

I’m a home cook and advocate of healthy eating and making your own meals. I cook almost every day and just like any profession in order to master your craft you need to have a right tools to do it. I have used different type of knives and each had it’s own pros and cons. I wanted a chef knife that fits my style of cooking and had Andreas make me a custom knife. He allowed me to custom choose materials and handle and to every small detail. I find his product with outmost quality as he pays attention to every detail and no specification is overlooked. There is such an ease to use his knives and flows perfectly with my chopping style. I use it every time I’m cooking and can’t wait to add a series of his knives to my collection. I’m truly grateful.

Shahriar S


“The Loki may be small in stature, but packs a big punch! Every detail of this knife has been carefully crafted from the beautiful wood, to the unique design. After substantial use, this knife is just as sharp as it was the day it arrived! I love it and if you are lucky enough to snag one, you will too!”

Tyler G