Get ready for your next hunting adventure.

Skinning knives are more a hunting tool than a weapon. If you want to cleanly and efficiently remove the hide of a big-game animal, you need a skinning blades; a cutting tool that allows for a secure grip and has a relatively short, thin, and curved blade, to keep the tip from puncturing the hide or spearing the meat. Such blades need to be very sharp but also must hold an edge for a long time.

The new line of “Skinners Pro” knives are professional tool for skinning and field dressing. These knives have wide, short blade and may be small in structure, but packs a big punch! The edge is strong and does not have much flexibility or spring and has a Rockwell Hardness rating of 58-59 and 70% higher carbon content than other mainstream “premium” knife brand.

With a top-quality skinning knife at your side you have the perfect tool for your next hunting adventure that can get the job done quickly and hold a sharp edge for long time.


Every detail of these knives has been carefully crafted and designed for the connoisseur of fine quality and at every step along the way, these knives was tested and refined by avid Hunters, Outdoorsman, product designers and builders. Skinners-Diagram

The Blade & Handle Material

Ground from 80CRV2 High Carbon steel with Satin-finished and sharpened to an exceptional edge which offers a great balance of sharp edge retention and durability.

The handle is shaped from Hunter Orange G10 composite materials which give you the visibility both in the morning and night.


Watch SKINNERS PRO In Action

“These knives have field dressed and skinned 7 white tail, 5 pigs and 1 mule deer. I couldn’t be happier with these blades the Andreas Kalani made. I would highly recommend these knifes to anyone that does any hunting or outdoor adventures. ”