2016 Collection
An Incredible Pre-Release Sale. To celebrate our successful Kickstarter campaign we are happy to announce our first collection. Each knife typically sells for significantly more but we are sharing the AK 2016 Collection for very reasonable prices in celebration. By avoiding the traditional retail sales model and bringing our product to you directly online, we have created great blades for a fraction of the price. This exclusive AK 2016 Collection sales organized from Wednesday the 20th of July till Friday August 5th. This is an amazing opportunity to own an Original AK Knives! Grab one before they’re all gone! Delivery time by August 10th. Click Here To Visit The Page.
WE MADE IT! Thanks to YOU!
✨HURRAH!!!✨   Our Kickstarter Campaign has been a 100% FUNDED. We can all breathe now as you all are guaranteed to receive your custom knife. Grateful to all of you! We now have 3 solid days to make this campaign even more amazing! Please continue share this campaign with everyone that you feel would appreciate the craftsmanship of custom knives.
Nov 16
AK Custom handmade knives are ideal for knife collectors, outdoorsmen and chefs IRVINE, Calif., Nov. 16, 2015 – Renowned artist, designer and avid outdoorsman, Andreas Kalani of AK Custom Knives has launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund a new line of limited edition knives.  Already well-established as a custom knife maker, Kalani is drawing on his background in art and design to create a new line of handmade collectible knives that are highly individualized, personal and reflective of their owners’ lifestyles. [Tweet “@akcustomknives intros #Kickstarter campaign for collectible custom handmade knives. #akcustomknives #kalaniknives #knifemaking #handmade #collectibles”]   All of Kalani’s knives and complimentary accessories are handcrafted, combining the natural beauty of steel and complimentary organic or handmade materials. Forged from the highest quality domestically sourced raw materials, Kalani’s custom knives, kitchen and butcher cutlery, and survival equipment are well-known for their creative design, innovation and practicality.  The Kickstarter campaign will allow Kalani to expand on that theme, with new designs that offer an even higher level of quality and artistry to knife collectors, outdoorsmen and chefs. “Drawing inspiration from my love of nature and cooking, my limited edition Kickstarter knives will give customers not only practical and efficient blades, but ones […]
Kickstarter Campaign Announcement
I am pleased to announce my Kickstarter campaign for AK Custom Knives, after many, many months of hard work. Please Join me to make this campaign successful. check out the wide and wonderful range of rewards available to you. I think you’ll be impressed by what you see and the many choices from, accessories to kitchen utility & paring knives to outdoor and everyday carry knives. Click here to vitit the campaign page, https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/akcustomknives/ak-custom-knives