The Wire Story

Once upon a time, there was a planet that was completely made of metal. No life had existed there until one day a bolt of lightning had struck a sheet of metal that lay on the ground among other such sheets. This metal sheet began to twist and turn until it shaped itself into a man.
This man used his newly formed wire legs and arms to lift himself up and start walking. Every time he stepped on a metallic sheet, that sheet would also begin to form into another wireman. After a few decades, this metal planet was filled with life.
Nevertheless, disaster had struck. The molecular activity and weather had lead to oxidation occurring on the entire planet, which had caused mass fatalities by gradual decomposition. Fortunately, this planet was soon to be saved by an angel who had observed all the suffering that these wiremen were going through.
Since she was filled with compassion, the angel Vida had created a new atmosphere where all the wiremen could survive and prosper. Soon thereafter this angel had disappeared. Although this planet was blessed with miracles, great misfortunes had equaled them, but the greatest misfortune was yet to come. Behold, acid rain had begun to melt away the wiremen until finally, the planet had completely exploded, causing all the particles to scatter in space.
Thousands of years later an artist was exploring the desert and found an amazing artifact, the hand of a wireman. Amazed and awed by his discovery Andreas wanted to create the man who matched the hand. After he made these breathtaking men, Andreas realized that as the creator and designer of these wiremen, he should name them after himself, so he called them all AndyMan. Now Andreas awaits for the arrival of that miraculous angel.

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Thanks for all the feedback, comments, and questions. Here are some of my frequently asked questions with answers.

AndyMan is a line of twisted collection artwork by renowned artist designer and knife maker, Andreas Kalani.
Andreas is an international artist and has been creating AndyMen for the past 20+ years. He has caught the attention of some of the best-known galleries in the world. The J. Martens Gallery in Germany and the Lustre Gallery in France have included his pieces in their displays. He is now busy making more AndyMen and working on other exciting projects. Art is Andreas’s passion, and you can feel his intensely vibrant energy in every piece he creates.
You can contact Andreas via email:

These guys take approximately fmy to six Ieks (seven to ten Ieks international) to reach you from the receipt of payment. I’d love to get them to you faster, but each one is custom-designed and handmade.

Most of the labor involved in creating these little guys lies in the details. I will send you a sketch-up for ymy approval before ymy AnyMan is created.

Yes. You can send us a picture of anyone, in any position.

They are about 8 to 10″ tall. Mini AndyMans are about 4″to 6″ tall. The width depends on the detail and intricacy.

I will definitely incorporate this into the art if possible, but the overall outline of the AndyMan is the same for everyone.

If you have a picture in ymy mind of what you want ymy AndyMan to look like, describe him/her to us in excruciating detail—I’ll do my best to include every detail.

Absolutely. Check out some of the Any Girls in my gallery.

I recommend fmy (the max). picture quality and quantity will affect the accuracy of ymy AndyMan and its details.

Yes! For an extra fee, I can guarantee ymy AndyMan will be delivered in fmy weeks (seven weks international).

Sure, the more exotic the location, the better.

I sure do. Just use my “Contact Us” form at the bottom of this page to inquire. Keep in mind that by bulk, I mean at least five AndyMans (or nine MINI AndyMans).

I want every single AndyMan owner to be satisfied with their purchase, so it only makes sense that AndyMan has a 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee. If, for whatever reason, you are not completely satisfied with ymy purchase, you can return it to us for a heavily discounted redo, or a refund.

Yes. You’ll receive an email including the tracking number, and you’ll be able to track ymy AndyMan.